The way to Make Dog Training Fun Together With the Stay & Sit Game

The best way to Make Dog Training Fun With All the Sit & Stay Game

How rewarding it is for your puppy to sit down before you let him to get some good food and remain smoothly, or treat or a toy. And on your dog, it’s an excellent experience until the command to be given by you to attend. Because that’s how your dog wants to connect to you. You are in control of his space and he can obey and honor you when you make training fun.

The Sit & Stay Game makes training your puppy to sit and stay a fun and rewarding experience for you both.

Rules of the Game

Choose a high-wages food and ensure your pet is able and hungry to eat.

Choose the “Command” word. Keep it consistent, something like “Sit (or Stay or dog classes ware Wait)” works nicely.

Decide on the “No Benefit” mark word, something like “Nope (or Too Poor or Opps)” functions well.

Watch your own dog’s language. The way a dog says “please” would be to enter the “sit” position.

Be patient.

When a dog wants a toy dog, food, simply going out the door, or to play, he looks for an order from your pack leader. So here’s a brilliant method to train your dog which is enjoyable and rewarding. At precisely the same time, you’re giving your dog the feeling that you’re the pack leader:

Request your dog to “Sit” while you hold the food bowl out of reach from your pet, about 2 feet away. Stand with one shoulder facing him.

Start to reduce the bowl right down to the floor. As you lower the bowl, if your puppy goes or gets up, just say quite matter-of-factly “Nope” (your command word) AND in the exact same time move the bowl away and out of reach. Then ask your pet to sit again. (You may really have to step from place in order to face your dog sidewise or put him back into position if he has scooted forward). The key would be to begin fresh from the same place again.

Start lowering the bowl to the floor–while he is still in position when your dog maintains the SIT POSTURE. Pull the bowl in case your dog begins to get up to reach the bowl. The key is that before you are able to set it on the ground while your dog is HOLDING THE SIT POSITION you are bending down with all the bowl and pulling back with the bowl.

While he is in the sit position, make eye contact together with your dog. You would like your pet to stay in the sit position AND also make eye contact, before you move your puppy the bowl and give it to him.

Once you have put the bowl on a floor, say “Stay” (or your command word), wait a number of seconds, then move the bowl towards your pet and allow him to eat. Do not expect too much from your dog. Just a few seconds of HOLDING THE STAY PLACE “wait” time is good at first.

When your puppy has kept the SIT & STAY for some seconds, then transfer the bowl toward your puppy and allow him to eat his food. Play the game a couple of times a day, at feeding time, adding a few seconds to the “Stay” time until your dog holds the SIT & STAY place and you also give him the bowl. You’re developing your pet ‘s behaviour to be able to get the reward, to sit and await your command.

It is possible to test this with a ball, a treat or toy too. Keep it fun, laugh at your dog when he tries to cheat, when he gets it right and provide your dog praise.

The Sit & Stay Game is not only about training your dog to sit down and stay for food. It is the enjoyment you get when your dog stays and politely sits for you –and also about the compliments you give.